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Sunday, 29th of May, 2016   
STPI / SEZ, Customs & Central Excise Consultants

STPI, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Customs & Central Excise Consultants

STPI - 100% EOU & Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Consultants

Being in the trade industry consultancy services, we also guide people on setting up of Export Oriented Units (EOU) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The consultancy services in this domain includes:
Consultancy for 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUís) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

  • Preparation of application & documentation and obtaining License for setting up of 100% EOU under STPI and Registration of Unit under Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  • Obtaining NOC for getting CPBW Customs Warehousing License from Customs & Central Excise for STPI EOU & SEZ and Registration of the STPI & SEZ Unit at Air Cargo / ICD
  • Handling all Imports / Exports / Re-exports shipments Clearances at Air Cargo / ICD, Bonding & De-bonding of Equipment & Customs Bonded Premises, and also Import Clearance without any concession of duty / Pre-duty paid mode Courier Shipments, Endorsement of List of Capital Goods, DTA Sales Permissions and other matters related to STPI & SEZ
  • Inter Unit Transfers ( IUT ) of Customs Bonded Equipment from one Unit to another Unit
  • Movement / Shifting of Customs Bonded items / equipment to another location for Calibrations / Repairs etc with necessary Shifting permissions from STPI & Customs Department
  • Submission of Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly returns at STPI & to the Development Commissioner
  • Guiding in preparing the Softex Form and submission of the same to the concerned department.
  • Maintain all sorts of Statutory Registers as per STPI & SEZ and Customs & Central Excise Rules
  • Preparing of necessary documents for Final Closure / Windup of the STPI Unit
Custom & Central Excise Consultants

We handle all kinds of Customs & Central Excise related works viz:

  • Preparation of application & documentation for registration with Customs & Central Excise department and obtaining CPBW License from Customs & Central Excise Department and undertaking Renewal of CPBW License & Bank Guarantees / FDRís , ECC Code etc
  • Air Cargo Clearance under Duty Free Imports & Re-export at Air Cargo through STPI & Customs 100% EOU Scheme
  • Execution of B-17 Bond / Bank Guarantee for import / export of goods under duty free schemes
  • Export/Re-exports clearances, Filing application for finalization of Special Valuation Branch (SVB) & other related works with the Customs Dept